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The Cost of SIN

We never sin for free. There is always a cost. And counting that cost can give a better picture of why we need to resist the temptation to sin. Let’s start with What is? SIN A sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. The Bible describes sin as an act…

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Live Beyond Lifestyle Evangelism

Simply living like nice people and preaching the gospel without words is taking the easy road. And if that’s all we ever do, then the easy road is nothing but the unbiblical and unfaithful road. At some point, our good deeds and Christ-like lifestyle must turn to gospel proclamation and all that entails. We all know that evangelism is…

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Lifestyle Evangelism

By the life and lifestyle, you live on earth, a person will either want ‘your God’ or want nothing to do with ‘your God’. By the life and lifestyle, you live, Jesus Christ will either be glorified or blasphemed. Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they…

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