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Live Beyond Lifestyle Evangelism

Simply living like nice people and preaching the gospel without words is taking the easy road. And if that’s all we ever do, then the easy road is nothing but the unbiblical and unfaithful road. At some point, our good deeds and Christ-like lifestyle must turn to gospel proclamation and all that entails. We all know that evangelism is not easy because the gospel is inherently offensive to sinful and rebellious people. God calls us to deny ourselves, repent of our sins, put sin to death, take up our cross daily, and submit to his sovereign rule and authority. This news, despite being the most glorious news imaginable, is not always received warmly. 

Some say lifestyle evangelism falls short or allows Christians to avoid sharing the gospel verbally, but true lifestyle evangelism requires telling the Good News in the context of personal relationships.

Lifestyle evangelism calls Christians to live an attractive, winsome, holy life that captures the attention of neighbors and coworkers to earn a chance to share the gospel not just about living the lifestyle.

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