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The Art of Story Telling in Evangelism

Storytelling is a very unique tool for evangelism. The Bible itself, our source is replete with examples of diverse stories that portray God in diverse dimensions for us. There are also archives and examples of evangelists, missionaries, and Pastors using storytelling to explain the gospel.

Fola, an IT engineer in Lagos State Civil Service desires to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with his boss, Mr. Okechukwu. He has been hesitant and dragging his feet about it. His boss confides in him about a certain challenge he has. Fola empathized with his boss and proceeded to share how he overcame a similar issue in his life. He emphasized his relationship with Jesus, his faith, and the power of consistent prayers.

By doing this, Fola has demonstrated rather than engage in an argument about the working power of Jesus Christ. This makes a meaningful difference in sharing the gospel instead of thundering at them with theology that often produces resistance to the gospel.

People love stories

Whether in movies, at the cinemas, or even everyday catch-up, everyone loves a good story. Stories are appealing because it becomes relatable to people’s everyday experiences and connections. People then think “Oh yes, that’s kind of like me”.

Also, times have changed

People have now become accustomed through the media to an endless supply of stories rather than theoretical teachings. Most impactful messages that help change behaviors and patterns are delivered through stories. This means we must begin to reconsider how we share the gospel to ensure we remain relevant and timely.

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