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Affirmations and Proclamations for You Today

Affirming promises found in the bible helps to renew you mind. There are many promises in the bible that can help strengthen you while you wait for the manifestation of your prayers and supplications to God. As you continue today’s fast, declare these affirmations and proclamations from Esther’s touch Day1

I’m blessed

I’m highly favored

I win the favor of decision makers over my case

It’s my season of remembrance

My season of global remembrance

I will see honor

I will see honor and dignity

I will see divine rewards

My testimony will have citywide appeal

I obtain mercy for turnaround

I experience refreshing

I experience strength

I am a global changer

I am blessed to be a blessing of higher order

God is making me favored and distinguished because of the blessings of Abraham

i am healed from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet

I am healed spirit, soul and body

I declare all these in Jesus mighty name. We hope these affirmations and proclamations have been a blessing to you.

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