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The Act of compelling truth

How do you know that Christianity is true? What makes it real to you? What makes it compelling so much so that many find it easy to share with others, the saving love of the cross. For most people, it is important to fundamentally investigate the truthfulness of any teaching and the truth of anything is persuasive power in itself. That people know something is true, doesn’t necessarily translate to knowledge that transforms into actions. From our daily life, some people know that eating fatty foods and drinking sodas is bad for their health, but they still willfully indulge in those excesses.

One thing is true, different people have different experiences of conversion. Different parts of the Christian message compel and changes people differently. When people inherently put their faith in Jesus Christ, his messages and the word of God speak to their minds. That’s the beauty of the gospel, the message speaks to the mind. It touches the affection, transforms the will, and speaks to a person as a whole: reason, affection, and volition.

The Word Compels Human Mind

Hebrews 4:12 (ESV)

“For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart”

The first line in that verse refers to the word of God as living. That’s how powerful the Bible is. The words are alive and have the capacity to change human actions. Every time, we enter into the word, we have an encounter with a God who is alive and real.

The word of God through countless testimonies has shown that it is active, revealing, and life-giving. It is the compelling truth in the word of God that we carry that helps us to preach the gospel when we are faced with doing so. When Christians share to others that there is God who created everything and to whom every human being is responsible, every person is reminded of the knowledge of God buried down inside their conscience.

Christianity Is Useful

  • You are assured of the love of God.
  • you can call on God anytime you want to through prayers
  • If you belong to a local assembly, it is a great place to grow, have friends and make real human connection that can help you in all areas of life
  • You have access to the Holy Spirit that helps you work on your emotions so you can be a better person everyday
  • You are assured of real peace and protection
  • There is a real change in your actions through careful and consistent fellowship with God

We Have the Holy Spirit to Reveal All things To Us

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Human Mind, Affection, and Will. The Holy Spirit as the third person of the trinity applies the work of Jesus in our everyday lives. He enlightens our minds and daily gives us a new perspective of the world. We can’t love well enough without the Holy Spirit. He softens the heart, convicts us of sin, and helps our faith to see the cross as the source of everything.

The Compelling Truth is the Message of The Cross

The message of Christ is so compelling that millions of people choose to walk this path of faith and adopt it as a culture. The message is so complex yet simple enough to explain the diversity of human experiences. The Story tells the grace of God for undeserving sinners and the never-ending love for his children. It transforms human wills that it repents and turns towards God. All of this is put to efficacy through the personal agency of the Holy Spirit. The message is not an impersonal message, but a personal message brought by the transcendent Person. He deals with all areas of human personality. He speaks to us personally, calling us by name. He calls us for a reconciled relationship with God.

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