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GIC Counseling

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Get your recovery started

…With Global Impact Church Counsel

What are you going through right now? Where do you require assistance? What is the problem that appears to be crippling? One thing is certain: it is not larger than God’s knowledge or more powerful than God’s hand. Our counselors will work with you to show you the way, the truth, and the light that God’s word has for you in that situation. Request a complimentary consultation, a callback, or a live chat with us.

Teenagers and adolescents aged 13 to 19 receive professional counseling. Peer pressure, drug misuse, sex, depression, bipolar disease, bullying, and other issues are all addressed.

Adults aged 20 to 50 receive professional therapeutic counseling. Dealing with a job loss, a loved one’s death, heartbreak, a career shift, depression, misalignment, money mismanagement, and other issues.

Counseling services for people above the age of 51. People going through a mid-life crisis, the death of a loved one, health issues, a lack of care and support, and so on.

Marriage counseling for people about to marry, those who are married, those who are considering divorce, and those who are married to abusive relationships.

It differs from traditional counseling in that it is scripture-based. Combining God’s word with physical encouragement and therapy for the person receiving counseling.

It is a frequent misperception that only seriously ill individuals require counseling. According to studies, over 80% of people can benefit from counseling at some point in their lives. When special worries or tough sentiments occur, it is natural to seek counseling.

Most people struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, and other issues at some point in their lives. Therapy can be a life-altering experience that starts with a single step. If you’re thinking about it, it’s a good sign that you’d profit from it.

Therapy is used for a variety of purposes. It’s sometimes to deal with long-term concerns like anxiety or despair. Other times, it’s a response to unforeseen circumstances, such as work-related stress, relationship breakdown, job loss, or job shift.

Many people seek therapy’s help as they pursue their own personal growth and inquiry. Counseling and psychotherapy are good for anybody who wants to make the most of their lives by taking responsibility, increasing self-awareness, and working toward change in their lives using treatment models such as CBT, reflective practice, and self-awareness.

Counseling is a two-way process between the counselor and the client. Professional counsellors assist clients in identifying goals and potential solutions to emotional difficulties, as well as improving communication and coping skills, boosting self-esteem, and promoting behavioral change and optimal mental health.

When the problem for which you sought counseling becomes more manageable or is resolved, counseling should be ended.

The counselling service is staffed by a team of professionally qualified and widely experienced counsellors who also happen to be members of Global Impact Church and who volunteer their time in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Schedule your appointment today!

Would you like to pay us a visit and speak with one of our counselors? You can make an appointment and we’ll be happy to meet with you and offer assistance.