I will like to celebrate the Almighty God for the fulfillment of prophecy in my life and family. Indeed God has made room for me in my career and family and we are super grateful!
I work for a large multinational in the financial services sector. About a year ago an opening came up in the organization for a very strategically important role which was perfectly in line with my career path. However, due to the importance of the role, there was a lot of interest in it. In fact, a similar opening came up about 3 years ago but I was denied the opportunity. So, when this role was announced I knew I had to really hold on to God to avoid a reoccurrence of being denied.
We made it a major focus at our family altar, it was also on my 7 Covenant Requests during the New Year Prayer Gathering (NYPG) 2017 and we decided to put all trust in God to show up His mighty hand. Friends, after a very rigorous selection process (including screening both domestic and foreign candidates), to the glory of God Almighty I received my appointment letter on 22nd June and I resumed on the 1st of July to lead a team that manages assets running into very large amounts. Indeed God has made a large room for me in fulfillment of the prophetic word for this season!
I joined Global Impact Church 3 years ago and indeed my life has experienced a positive turnaround through the teachings of Pastor Yemi and Bimbo Davids.

I have been nursing the idea of resigning from my former place of work since 2017, but due to the fear of being jobless, I stayed on the job. I knew I wasn’t happy with what I was doing and this affected my productivity at work.

When the prophecy for the year came for the year 2018 came, which is our year of springing forth, I keyed into the prophecy, something kept telling me I needed to move to another phase to spring forth, so I told myself it was time to quit my job and face my fears, this was early January this year . So my quest for a better job opportunity began.

During this period I pledged towards the Goodland Development project even though I have no source of income, but I was hopeful that a better offer will come and I will redeem my pledge. I wasn’t just looking for any job, I was looking for a better job that will give me peace of mind, a more stable job. All my applications proved abortive, months went by without a single invite for an interview. I kept my Faith level high, there was no time during this period I regretted quitting my job because I knew God did not bring me this far to forsake me, the only thing I was worried about was my Goodland Development pledge.

The month of April came, and pastor Yemi prophesied that the month of April will be April full, I believed this and kept telling myself my April will be full of Favour, Opportunities, ideas, breakthrough and every goodie it came with. I remember telling God that any invite I get this month will become an offer automatically.

I got two invites in that same month of April, to the Glory of God I received an offer letter from both firms. (A multinational and a private firm). Now I can redeem my pledge! I am to resume work in the first week of May 2018 in any of the organization I decide to accept their offer.

Indeed our God is not just enough, He is more than enough!

I want to testify to what God Almighty did for me. There is an initiative I have been working on for a while now, I committed it to God to help and give me the wisdom I need.

On the 1st of January 2018, after the Sunday service, when I got home, I remembered what my father in the Lord, Pastor Yemi Davids said that ‘don’t be frustrated, God is with you, He will show you how mighty He is’. He went onto say that ‘kings will send for you… that talent God has given you will take you to the palace’.

And that was exactly what God did for me, on the last covenant night of January this year. I was in the palace of one of the most influential Kings, the meeting was about my initiative, and I told God to favour me the same way he did for Joseph.

The God of Pastor Yemi Davids showed up for me. The King did not take more than 5 minutes and he was more than ready to be part of the initiative I have struggled with for almost four years. As I speak, this king is the grand patron of my brand, with just a 5-minute meeting through a friend I have not seen in almost 20 years.

Thank you Pastor Yemi for all your prayers, words of encouragement and Blessing. May the auction to function continue to rest upon you, your entire household and ministry?

I want to testify of the mercies and goodness of God over my life. Going to work every morning I usually boars the long buses from Oshodi to Mile2 instead of the normal small buses, because long buses are faster, they do not stop on the road to pick up passengers like the small buses.

This faithful morning before I could get to the bus stop I saw the long bus leaving, so I had to join the small bus, suddenly on getting to Ilasa bus stop, our driver received a call which made him slow down for no reason. Before we got to Ilasa bus stop, we heard a large sound and people screaming, a tipper truck had hit a signboard and the heavy concrete slab holding the signboard fell on the long coaster bus of about 30 passengers, which I would have been part of if I had not missed the bus that day.

I am grateful to God that I did not enter the coaster bus this day, and that our driver slowed down at some point because our bus was just behind the tipper that hit the signboard. Lives were lost and many injured. I thank God for preserving my life. TO GOD ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY.

Sometime in 2016, I left my previous job, just before a general lay off of staff within my unit, after leaving I actually felt I made a wrong choice. So I began my job hunt, during the 2018 NYPG I asked God to change my story, I also pledged into the Goodland development project.

By the end of January 2018, I was given an offer letter which the pay was much more than my previous job, shortly after the offer I received 3 other offers but had to decline after seeking Gods face.

God has indeed been faithful, I have been able to fulfil my pledge, clear all outstanding debt, and I am positive of greater blessings in 2018.

God bless Global Impact Church.

Let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.

I faced a moment of stagnancy in my career for a while. I got a job in a bank as a management trainee and because I believed I was smart and hardworking I will rise fast in my career but years went by and I was still in the same management trainee position I was very dedicated and hardworking in my job, and I was also very active in Gods service. And I believed that God will reward my service and it will show in my career.

At some point, a thought came to my heart, that what is the point of active kingdom service if I don’t have a testimony to show for it., but I held on to the word that I will not faint in my service and continuous Giving.

After four years as a management trainee and even a reduced salary, God came through… I got a better job that was way better than my previous job. While I was enjoying my new job, a company that neglected me last year called me to come for the interview again, this company gave me an offer that was 3 times better than what I earning just 6 months ago.

I want to encourage everyone to faint, not in kingdom service and giving’s because doubtless, the fruits will show.

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We cater to the spiritual needs of children who are no longer “children ” and not yet teenagers. Teaching them the Bible in ways that are applicable to their present age group.
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The GIC MEDICAL TEAM comprises of medical and paramedical personnel of the church including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other relevant fields involved in health care.
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The vision of The Praise Gang is to raise TRUE WORSHIPPERS in and around the four walls of the church. We are passionate about worship, and embrace the values and impact that it contributes to God’s kingdom.
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The Powerhouse team is the praying arm of Global Impact Church. We believe the coming together of believers multiply the effect of their individual prayers.
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THE PLACE is a fun, God learning and faith development church for teens between the ages of 14-19. THE PLACE interacts with teens on every and any topic in a relaxed and personal level bringing God’s perspective on all things relating to teens through the bible in a refreshing and practical way.
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We are Christ-like minds with a goal to make a difference; by creating awareness and building human capacity to fill the gaps and mend the brokenness in our political space.
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GIC Singles Network

A strong community of individuals from ages 20 and above who are committed to making the best of their life and maximising their single hood. We represent over 40% of adults in church hence we’re too large to ignore and too valuable to waste.
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Fruitful Vines

We are here by God’s grace to join our voices in prayers, worship and thanksgiving for every woman trusting God for the fruit of the womb. We believe in Exodus 23:26 “no one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren…” and we are confident that God is faithful to perform His words.
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Couples Fellowship

  1. Love Bird (0-3 Years in Marriage) Coordinator: Pastor & Mrs Seyi Alaigbe
  2. RUBY (4 -10 Year in Marriage) Coordinator: Mr & Mrs  Olanikpekun
  3. EMERALD: (11- 20 Years in Marriage) Coordinator : Mr & Mrs John Oseyili
  4. CLASSIC (20 Years and above) Coordinator: Pastor Dambo
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Joyful Mums

Joyful Mums is a group for the pregnant and nursing mothers. The group pray and educate pregnant and nursing mothers on the issues relating to childbearing.
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Sports provides a common ground that cuts across culture, class, age group and language barrier to build friendship and relationship.
Sports outreach programs include; Competitions, Aerobics and Big screen Centre. Competitions e.g, Football, basket ball, Table Tennis, Teen and Family games, GIC worker’s game, e.t.c. Aerobics exercise daily or weekly helps keep the body fit.
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