• Father, we acknowledge your marvelous works in the year 2018, thank you for your glory over the GIC family, the deliverance from evil, death, sickness/disease and the numerous interventions in our homes, businesses, and careers. Take all the praise Lord! Psalm 9: 1, Psalm 3:3.
  • Father, we thank you for your faithfulness since the inception of Global Impact Church, for except you build a ministry, the builders are building in vain. Lord, we bless you for the amazing results we have recorded in the past years. Psalm 127:1-2 , Acts 26:22
  • Father, we thank you for the fifth year of our ministry at the Goodland, you have turned what used to be a forest to a delightsome land, and you broke into pieces the enemies that rose up against us. You have increased us spiritually, materially, financially and numerically. Take all the praise Lord! Isaiah 35:1-2, Psalm 44: 1-3.
  • Father thank you for the life-transforming word you have been sending to us through your son (Pst Yemi Davids) and all our teaching pastors. We give you thanks for the testimonies that have continued to emanate in the lives of members of our church. Jer 3:15, Psalm 107:20.
  • Father, we thank you for the constant supply of your grace in all our services in 2018 ( at the Goodland, Surulere/Lekki center & Maryland- USA) we acknowledge you for the wisdom you gave our leaders in planning and organizing all our Sunday and mid-week services. Acts 4:33, Phil 2: 13


  • Father, we thank you for your mercy and loving kindness over Nigeria since our independence, despite our wrongs. Thank you for granting us peace by all means despite all attempt made to destroy our land. Lam 3:22, 2 Thes 3:16.
  • Father, we give you praise for frustrating the devices and plot of the wicked against the wellbeing of our nation. You have continuously dismantled the evil gang up against the body of Christ in Nigeria. Job 5; 12, Math 16:18.
  • Father thank you for the move of the Holy Spirit across the length and breadth of our nation, resulting in the continuous growth and expansion of the body of Christ in Nigeria. Isaiah 2:2-3, Acts 2:47.
  • Father, by your mercy, give us leaders that will usher Nigeria into realms of greater peace and prosperity thereby leading to socio-economic advancement and political stability in Nigeria. 1Timothy 2:22, Psalm 122:6-7.


  • Father, thank you for the privilege to know you and justification through the blood of Jesus. Lord I surrender my life to you afresh, let it be consecrated and sanctified to you alone. I renounce every unfruitful work of darkness, cleanse me and make me whole again. Rom 5:9, 1 Thes 4: 3-4
  • Father, I repent of my mistakes, sin, and lack of commitment towards your kingdom. Strengthen me to walk on the right path this year so that my life will bring Glory to your name. 1John:1:9, Rom 6:13
  • Father cause a fresh fire of your love to consume me, thereby stirring me up to engage in my spiritual responsibilities, help me to do away with lukewarm attitudes and to consistently maintain a buoyant prayer life. John 2: 17, Rom 12:11
  • Father, let the Holy Spirit stir up a deeper hunger for your presence and your word in my spirit. Open my eyes to understand the scriptures on a deeper dimension so that I can grow stronger in faith and mature in my spiritual walk with you. Psalm 42: 1-2, Eph 1:17-19


  • Father, we thank you for the establishment and influence of your kingdom in Nigeria – your word says a king is honored by the multitude of his people. Lord, cause multitudes to come and bow at the feet of Jesus at the Goodland this year; we command the stronghold of darkness in the life of the people of our Nation to be destroyed & that the glorious gospel of Christ will shine brighter & burn hotter in Nigeria and all over the world. 14: 28, Isaiah 2: 23
  • Father, cause the name of Jesus to be magnified and revered in our streets and communities – invade our cities with your radiant glory and cause the powers and agents of darkness in our land to be subdued and humiliated. Acts 19:17, John 1:5.
  • Father, release your fire to overthrow every demonic activity in our land. Let every territorial spirit influencing our Nation & People negatively be cast down, send us the wind of your spirit to blow the waves of revival across the cities of the world, thereby directing the heart of men towards God (their maker). Isaiah 14: 12-15, Acts 2: 2-6.
  • Father, thank you for the countless victories you gave the body of Christ in Nigeria, esp. in 2018. Lord go ahead of us in 2019 and level all oppositions in our way. Cause the church to wax stronger in wealth, Power & boldness so that our communities & cities will be saturated & captured for Jesus. Isaiah 45: 2-3, Zech. 1:17.


  • Father, thank you for your glory upon our businesses /careers. We are grateful for the opportunities & improvements we enjoyed in 2018 and your favor that caused several business/career people to emerge. Isaiah 60:22, Psalm 30:7
  • Father, cause every business & career person in GIC to experience maximum yield in the order of Isaac. Inspire our minds with ideas that will distinguish us amongst others & grant us platforms to be able to express our gifts & talents thereby generating uncommon wealth in the works of our hands. Gen. 26:12-13, Job 29:2-6
  • Father, defend us as we labor in the market & co-operate world. frustrate every conspiracy against members of GIC in their workplaces. Cause your blessing on our heads to swallow up every wickedness in the marketplaces. 10:6, Isaiah 44: 24-25


  • Father, thank you for the strength & vitality you gave us all through 2018. Lord, restore the health of the sick ones amongst us, reverse every medical report & turn them into a testimony, by the blood of Jesus cause every terminal illness to be terminated! 18:2, Jer. 30:17
  • Father, help us to walk in wisdom for total health so that Jesus will be glorified in our bodies. Cause every hereditary diseases & allergy in our bodies to pass away as the Holy Spirit begins to revitalize and rejuvenate our bodies. 3: 13; 16-18, Romans 8: 11.
  • Father, let your resurrection power restore every broken or damaged organ in our systems, in the blood, reproductive system, digestive system, respiratory or skeletal system. Cause every member of GIC to encounter your healing power thereby bringing perfect wholeness to our bodies. John 11: 25, III John 1: 2.


  • Father, Thank you for your majestic presence that accompanied us all through 2018, thank you much more for your intensified presence in 2019. Let your glory go before us and be our rear guard as we journey through this year. 32: 10-13, Isaiah 58: 8.
  • Father, we invoke the blood of Jesus over every family represented in GIC. As we go out and come in, no one shall be able to harm us especially during the elections and as we transit into a newly elected government. we shall not be victims of evil. Ps. 121: 5-8, Rev. 12:11
  • Father, we deploy your mighty & swift angels over our children, as they return back to school, they will not be victims of evil attacks, demonic manipulations, violence or any epidemic – we declare they are immune by your glory all through their academic sessions. Psalm 103:20, Isaiah 54:13-14


  • Father, thank you for GIC families spread across the various areas in Lagos State and all over the world. Jesus, you are our pillar! Uphold our homes by your mighty hand; cause your peace to reign amongst us so that the enemy does not take advantage of us. Eph. 2:19, II Cor. 2: 11
  • Father, clothe us with meekness, the humility to learn & receive corrections both for our men & women. So that our homes, Marriages & lives will be established upon Jesus the Rock, thereby raising a generation of godly people with fear and reverence for God. Prov. 6: 23, Matt. 7: 24-25.
  • Father, please keep our homes & marriages from cracks – help our couples to be wise & prudent in every choice or step they take. Keep us from strange people & wrong association so that our homes will not be destroyed. 22:3, Ps. 144:11-15
  • Father, thank you for our children – cause them to emerge in greatness. The way you distinguished Daniel & Joseph, let them stand out amongst their mates, fill them with love for your kingdom & hatred for sin and unrighteousness. Ps. 112: 1-2, Ps. 45: 6-7


  • Father we thank you for helping us to maximize each month in the year 2018, we bless you for the transformations each of the monthly series has brought in our lives, businesses, careers, homes and spiritual lives. Psalm 107:20, Mark 16: 20.
  • Father thank you for establishing the business and career of members of GIC, thank you for fulfilment of prophecies. you healed the sick amongst us, you delivered the oppressed and brought peace and harmony in troubled homes. Take all the praise Lord! Gen 26:12 -13, Ps 107: 13 -16.
  • Father thank you for everyone who gave their life to Christ in our services all through the year 2018, thank you for establishing them through the foundation and membership school and for causing them to identify with our church. Lord we are grateful! Titus 2:11, col 2: 6-7
  • Father we thank you for the leadership and wisdom capacity you gave to your Son and daughter (Pastors Yemi and Bimbo Davids) you averted many crisis for us, you ordered our steps and has always been a covering over our nakedness- receive our praise Lord! Psalm 78:72, Ps 121:2-5


  • Father, send your rescue angels to deliver our nation from every form of destruction in whatever fashion aimed against her, redeem the soul of Nigeria from the jaw of the beast sent to devour her. 2Kings 19:35, Job29:17, Eze 34:25.
  • Father in the name of Jesus, hasten your vengeance upon the enemies of peace and progress in Nigeria, so that the citizen of our nation will be delivered from slavery. Lord, recompense tribulation upon everyone causing Nigeria problems and backwardness Psalm 94:1-2, Zech 1:18-21.
  • Father arise in your wrath against all perpetrators of wanton killings in our nation, as you rain down fire on all of them, brimstone and horrible tempest, thereby granting permanent rest to our citizen. Psalm 7:11, Psalm 11:5-6

Father in the name of Jesus we decree supernatural turnaround for Nigeria, by the blood of Jesus we destroy every force of stagnation and mediocrity militating against the advancement of Nigeria in the Global world. Deu 2:3, Ex 12:12


  • Father please give me a rich supply of your grace to be consistent in carrying out my spiritual and covenant responsibilities. I don’t want to be overcomed by the darkness of this world, help me to be constantly on fire for you Jesus. 2Peter 1:2, 2Peter 5:8.
  • Father, I break away from every spiritual dullness or blindness. Whatever is hindering my spiritual growth/ development, e.g. wrong association, negative habits, or generational barriers, I declare them broken by the blood of Jesus! 2Cor 6:14, Eph 5:11.
  • Father, send us a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, so that we will begin to understand better and discover the things you have made available to us in Christ. We receive meekness, so that your engrafted word will take root in our hearts and bear worthy fruits in our lives. Isaiah 11:1-3, James 1:21.
  • Father, give me a new beginning! Deliver me from the consequence of my negative past and cause your mercy to prevail over judgement. I receive wholeness in my spirit, soul and body. As your fire destroys every deposit of darkness in me. Rom 8:1-2, 1 Thes 5:23.



  • Father, cause the gift of discernment & prophecy to work expressly within the body of Christ in Nigeria so we can stay constantly in touch with the realities of life, so as not to be taken unawares by the enemy – lord, let shame & defeat be far away from the church. Isaiah 11: 3, II Cor. 2: 11.


  • Father, sanctify the body of Christ in Nigeria- let your glory in the lives of ministers of the gospel not be corrupted – keep us from covetousness & deceitfulness of riches – plant & strengthen your fear in our hearts so we will vehemently resist evil & passionate embrace righteousness. Acts 2: 27, Mark 4: 18-19


  • Father, put to permanent shame every enemy of the church in Nigeria. Continue to disappoint their evil wishes, intentions & conspiracy against your servants & Pastors, prophets & every anointed minister of the gospel in Nigeria. Isaiah 41: 11, Job 5: 12-15.


  • Father, we are deeply grateful for your helps over the leadership of Global Impact Ministry – thank you for blessing us with the unique Ministry of your Son & Daughter (Pastor Yemi & Bimbo Davids); Lord, amplify your anointing & power in their lives thereby increasing their capacity to pastor the multitudes you will be sending into our church this year. 3:15, Psalm 89:20-21



  • Father, help us to grow in financial wisdom and administrative skills. Grace for discipline in managing our resources and in discernment to understand the climate & seasons in our various businesses/careers so as to remain strong even in the midst of economic uncertainties. 24: 3, Isaiah 33: 6; 30:21


  • Father, lead our business/career people in 2019. Show us what to do to fully maximize the year in our various fields so that we can emerge and become the envy of everyone in our work & business places. Isaiah 48: 17, Gen. 26: 12-14


  • Father, cause the little ones amongst us to emerge as financial giants in 2019. By your favour turn every little shop owner into a CEO of conglomerates. Turn every salary earner/employee into a massive employer of labour thereby bringing and end to joblessness in our state. Isaiah 60:22, Psalm30:7.



  • Father, by the blood of Jesus we destroy every affliction amongst your people, whatever you have not planted in us is hereby placed under a curse & uprooted! We are rescued from destruction and from the evil wishes of our  Acts 10: 38, Math. 15: 13


  • Father, we demand for total liberty of any Member of GIC under any evil spell of sickness, disease, strange afflictions or death – we command it to dry up from its roots. Every rod of wickedness working against us is hereby broken into pieces and returned back to where it was sent from. Mark 11: 21, Ps. 125: 3


  • Father, heal every emotional and social ailment amongst us, restore wholeness to emotional injuries and stigma resulting from negative experiences from the past or satanic spell – we breakoff limitations of the mind influencing our behaviors negatively. Isaiah 61: 1-3, Col. 2:10, II Cor. 10:4-5.



  • Father, we decree that our Airways, Seaways, Road and Railways are secured by the blood of Jesus! Every plot of the enemy to shed blood or destroy lives & properties is hereby reduced to nothing! we decree God’s Peace over Nigeria & the Body of Christ. Isaiah 54:17, Luke 10: 19.


  • Father, let your glory cover every pregnant woman and their babies. Let the blood of Jesus be their shield all through the trimesters. We reject every form of medical error or complications & declare they shall bring forth with ease in the name of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 66:8-9, Psalm 139: 3


  • Father, saturate every GIC member with your Power to diffuse & incapacitate every charm, enchantment and diabolic attacks. We declare that none of us shall fall prey to ritualists, kidnappers, robbers or any agent of the devil. Psalm 125: 3, Num. 23: 23.



  • Father, we plead for restoration for our children overtaken by darkness. We make a demand for their release from the dungeon where they have been held captive by any addiction, either the addiction to sexual immorality, pornography, drugs, lying, Alcohol & tobacco etc. Isaiah 49: 24-25, Isaiah 42: 6-7


  • Father, thank you for your word concerning fruitfulness in our homes. Therefore we declare that no couple shall be barren amongst us, the fruit of the womb is your reward, therefore; visit all expecting mothers and cause them to laugh like Sarah. 23: 25-26, Ps. 127: 3


  • Father, make GIC a place where every female factor is well built in character and attitude. Women that are blessed with good virtues, respected both in church & the society. Ps. 144: 12, Prov. 11: 16, Prov. 31



  • Father, thank you for this unique year in the history of our church. Let every member of GIC experience laughter, in all their endeavours. Ps. 126:1-3, Gen. 21:6


  • Father, whatever has been kept away from us, that pertains to our destiny – we command their release in 2019! Let this year be our due season for divine visitations, rewards for service of past years and beautification of our destinies. Math. 16:19, Ps. 103: 13


  • Father we have waited patiently on you, show up for us in 2019. Cause Global Impact Church to grow in influence & Affluence as we possess new territories, lands & properties. Ps. 40: 1-2, Isaiah 45: 2-3.







  • Father thank you for the prophetic word for 2019, (our year of laughter) you are a God of times and seasons. Thank you for the assurance we have in you. We are confident that you will fulfill your word by causing us to laugh this year. 1 Thes 5:24, Isaiah 55:10-11.
  • Father thank you for a new fresh year, full of possibilities! We bless you because whatever you begin, you are also able to finish. We give you praise for the finishers anointing resting upon the GIC family. Phil 1:6, Isaiah 46:9 -11.
  • Father thank you for the wonderful things happening already, for your awesome presence in our prayer gathering in the last two weeks! and for the strength to begin the 3rd week of the NYPG. Take all the praise Lord! Psalm 107:15-16, Psalm 20:2.
  • Father thank you for the success of the breakthrough weekend. for the massive attendance, spiritual renewals, deliverance and salvation of souls- for the awesome move of your Spirit in our midst which has effected a turnaround in our destinies. we are grateful Lord! Zeph 3:17, Psalm 107:15-16


  • Father, Thank you for your mercy over Nigeria. please arise and defend all the oppressed citizens of our nation, liberate our land and its people from all forms of injustice. You are the judge of all Lord, therefore by your mighty hand enthrone the reign of justice and equity in Nigeria.Psalm 82:3, Dan 2:21.
  • Father, by your mercy, give us leaders that will usher Nigeria into realms of greater peace and prosperity thereby leading to socio-economic advancement and political stability in Nigeria. 1Timothy 2:22, Psalm 122:6-7.
  • Father, we deploy your angels into all the process, campaigns and logistics concerning the 2019 general elections, to ensure and enforce peace and order. By the blood of Jesus, we disarm every evil apparatus organized to compromise the rule of law or disrupt the peaceful co-existence of our people. Psalm 103:20. , Isaiah 8:9-10, 44:24-26.


  • Father, let the Goodland campus become too small & narrow by reason of the multitudes thronging into our services. Cause the fame of Jesus to spread like wildfire in all the communities around the Goodland, thereby provoking an irrecoverable revival in every city in Lagos State. 2: 4, Math 4: 23-25
  • Father, please overshadow Global Impact Church at the Goodland & our various centres (Lekki, Surulere, Maryland- USA) with your glory – let there be eruptions of signs & wonders and manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit, the kind we have never witnessed since the inception of the Ministry so that the name of Jesus will be glorified. Isaiah 60:1-3, John 14:12



  • Father, saturate every GIC member with your Power to diffuse & incapacitate every charm, enchantment and diabolic attacks. We declare that none of us shall fall prey to ritualists, kidnappers, robbers or any agent of the devil. Psalm 125: 3, Num. 23: 23.
  • Father, we declare that our senior Pastors (Pst. Yemi & Bimbo Davids) and their children persevere all through 2019. Cause Your angels to continually surround them like a wall of fire – no evil shall prosper over them in 2019! Zech. 2: 5, Psalm 34: 7.
  • Father, cause your wall of fire to surround all our Pastors and their families. Their joy will not be cut short. every evil plot against them is hereby canceled by the blood of Jesus! 2: 5, I Peter 5: 8-9


  • Father, make GIC a place where every female factor is well built in character and attitude. Women that are blessed with good virtues, respected both in church & the society. Ps. 144: 12, Prov. 11: 16, Prov. 31
  • Father, we thank you for every male factor in GIC, cause our men to be adequately built spiritually and emotionally so that they can take proper oversight in their families and live a meaningful life. Psalm 8:4-6, Eccl. 10:16-17
  • Father, guide the decision making of our couples, let there be unity in our homes – we rise against every negative mindset or spell preventing the destiny of our homes – we break every generational limitation by your mighty hand. We shall rewrite the story of our generation positively! Ps. 133:1-3, Gal. 3: 1


  • Father, as we mark our 5th year at the Goodland this year, cause it to be our year of geometric increase in the membership of the church. Unleash your glory and release the harvest of your glory that has been kept back from us over the years. Lev. 19: 25, Joel 2: 23-27
  • Father, cause 2019 to be the year of uncommon favor providing us the platform to showcase our gifts, thereby leading to incredible wealth transfer. Let it usher in the Isaac order of blessing, leading to tears of joy and making us the envy of our world. Gen 41: 39-44, Gen 26:12-14, Ps. 126: 1-3
  • Father, cause this year to spring forth business/ career giants from within the GIC family. Individuals that will operate as institutions in their various fields, thereby bringing glory to the name of Jesus. Isaiah 60:1-3; 22
  • Father, Amplify your grace upon GIC – leading to dominion at all levels – in leadership, power, wealth, spiritual authority, property acquisition, the gathering of multitudes and diverse signs & wonders to the glory of your name. Deut. 28:12-13, Isaiah 8:18
  • Father, in 2019 cause all our sacrifices in giving (financial and material seeds), Kingdom service, time & resources to answers with the fearful and tearful harvest of Joy & abundance. Let everyone who has been committed to the establishment of your kingdom at the Goodland experience a remarkable turnaround this year!. Exodus 23:25, 33:19
  • Father, according to Leviticus 19:23-25, make 2019 our year of divine settlement & rewards. Let there be marital fulfillment, supernatural conceptions of babies, restorations, new businesses emerging, financial breakthroughs and mind-blowing blessings! Psalm 67:5-7
  • Father, let the output of 2019 supersede the result of the last four years of our stay at the Goodland! Spiritually, numerically, financially & materially – and cause every GIC member to experience the same order of enlargement in their individual lives, homes businesses/careers. 19:23-25, Prov 4:18


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We cater to the spiritual needs of children who are no longer “children ” and not yet teenagers. Teaching them the Bible in ways that are applicable to their present age group.
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The GIC MEDICAL TEAM comprises of medical and paramedical personnel of the church including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other relevant fields involved in health care.
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The vision of The Praise Gang is to raise TRUE WORSHIPPERS in and around the four walls of the church. We are passionate about worship, and embrace the values and impact that it contributes to God’s kingdom.
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Sanctuary Keepers is a department focused on cleaning and ensuring Global Impact Church is conducive for service and programmes at all times. The cleaning of the facility occurs on Saturdays and quality checks are carried out on Sundays during/ in-between services.
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The emergency response team is saddled with the responsibility of providing preventive safety measures, carrying out safety audit and training where required, carry out emergency response and provide support to ministry groups in Global Impact Church premises.
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Traffic Unit also known as Grand Marshall is the service unit of Global Impact Church responsible for the smooth flow of vehicular traffic within the GIC Campus and other facilities, and adjacent roads.
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The Powerhouse team is the praying arm of Global Impact Church. We believe the coming together of believers multiply the effect of their individual prayers.
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THE PLACE is a fun, God learning and faith development church for teens between the ages of 14-19. THE PLACE interacts with teens on every and any topic in a relaxed and personal level bringing God’s perspective on all things relating to teens through the bible in a refreshing and practical way.
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221, Mount Olimpus, Rheasilvia, Mars,
Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy
+1 (999) 999-99-99
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The Business and Career group is an arm of Global Impact Church set up to empower entrepreneurs and career focused individuals in the church on recognising their gifts and the potentials that God has deposited in them, developing those potentials and apply them effectively in their daily business or career endeavours.
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Business & Career Group

We are Christ-like minds with a goal to make a difference; by creating awareness and building human capacity to fill the gaps and mend the brokenness in our political space.
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Good Governance Group

GIC Singles Network

A strong community of individuals from ages 20 and above who are committed to making the best of their life and maximising their single hood. We represent over 40% of adults in church hence we’re too large to ignore and too valuable to waste.
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Fruitful Vines

We are here by God’s grace to join our voices in prayers, worship and thanksgiving for every woman trusting God for the fruit of the womb. We believe in Exodus 23:26 “no one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren…” and we are confident that God is faithful to perform His words.
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Couples Fellowship

  1. Love Bird (0-3 Years in Marriage) Coordinator: Pastor & Mrs Seyi Alaigbe
  2. RUBY (4 -10 Year in Marriage) Coordinator: Mr & Mrs  Olanikpekun
  3. EMERALD: (11- 20 Years in Marriage) Coordinator : Mr & Mrs John Oseyili
  4. CLASSIC (20 Years and above) Coordinator: Pastor Dambo
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Joyful Mums

Joyful Mums is a group for the pregnant and nursing mothers. The group pray and educate pregnant and nursing mothers on the issues relating to childbearing.
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Sports provides a common ground that cuts across culture, class, age group and language barrier to build friendship and relationship.
Sports outreach programs include; Competitions, Aerobics and Big screen Centre. Competitions e.g, Football, basket ball, Table Tennis, Teen and Family games, GIC worker’s game, e.t.c. Aerobics exercise daily or weekly helps keep the body fit.
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Sports Group

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Service Time
Thursdays - 6:30 PM | Sundays - 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM


Service Time
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Service Time
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Service Time
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