1. Father, we thank you for your goodwill towards our Nation (Nigeria). Thank you for your mercy that prevails over judgment! Lord, you are the God that disappoints the devise of the crafty (wicked) and make their hand unable to carry out their evil plot. Therefore, we decree that the secret plot of the wicked people against the wellbeing of Nigeria is hereby exposed and rendered null and void! Lamentation 3: 22, Job 5: 12.


  1. Father, we thank you for the developments & numerical increase we experienced within the junior church in 2017. You kept and preserved our children from danger. We thank you Lord! We declare that they shall be taught of the LORD and great shall be their peace. Psalm 8:1-2, Isaiah 54:13,


  1. Father we thank you for our singles, especially those trusting you for marital fulfillment. Lord, your word says none shall want her mate, therefore every one of our singles will be joyfully married; their marriages will be established in Christ the solid rock. Psalm 34:16, Proverbs 5:15-18.
  1. Father, we thank you for the riches you have secured for us through Jesus Christ! Therefore we declare that wealth and riches shall be in our houses we shall lend to nations and not borrow, even the little amongst us shall emerge and exemplify greatness. II Cor 8:9 , Psalm 112: 1-2.
  1. Father, thank you for you are indeed the God that performs & fulfill the counsel of your messenger! Thank you for the dawn of a new season in the lives of members of GIC. Let there be new testimonies & cause every one of us to experience an upgrade in our lives, our jobs, businesses, families & finances in the year 2018. Isaiah 43: 18-21. II Cor. 4:13
  1. Father, thank you for rescuing Nigeria from destruction. Lord, the way you frustrated the evil counsel of Ahitophel, cause every evil & deceitful policy or advice amongst the leadership of Nigeria, the executives and house of assembly to be frustrated! We cast down the powers of divination and enchantments that is being used to manipulate the government of our Nation. Lord! Cause your majestic presence to overshadow our Nation & the political systems. II Sam. 15: 31, Num. 23: 23


  1. Father, we ask that you empower our junior church teachers & leaders as they work towards instilling godly values in our children in raising a godly generation. Cause your fresh anointing to rest upon the teachers, help them approach their task with the right motive & passion to see these children develop into the fullness of the measure of Christ. Jeremiah 3:15, Ephesians 6:7


  1. Father, we thank you for the singles in GIC. Particularly, those who desire to get married this year. Lord, we destroy the strongholds of fear and low self-esteem keeping them from taking steps and comparing themselves with others. Lord, restore emotional and spiritual wholeness upon our singles! We uproot every generational defect and destroy the powers of marine influences and of the devil keeping and holding any of them captive. Isaiah 10:27, Colossians 2:10, Il Cor. 10:12


  1. Father, you are the God of multiplication! Show to each and every one of us what we must do to experience your multiplication this year. Lord, take away  limitations from our minds, cause us to grasp the magnitude of what you intend to do in our lives so we can release our faith adequately, we break away from mediocre thinking, let business and career people in church begin to conceive great visions for enlargement. John 2:5, Isaiah 54:2-3.
  1. Father, take away every weight & besetting sin that would attempt to hinder us from springing forth this year! Cause members of our church to spring forth spiritually, mentally & intellectually so that we would be well positioned to possess our possessions & fulfill destiny this year. 12: 1, Gal. 4: 1 – 2.
  1. Father, thank you for your marvelous helps today. The way you helped king Uzziah, so much that his regime prospered, help the presidency of Nigeria. It will only take your wisdom to successfully administer excellent leadership in Nigeria! Cause your wisdom to dominate the entire decision making process in the year 2018, even as we look forward to the election in 2019. Stand by the INEC & influence the steps that are to be taken as we carry out your plans and agenda for Nigeria. II Chron. 26: 3 – 5, Prov. 8: 15


  1. Father, let your glory & wall of fire continue to surround our children wherever they are, at home, whether in school or assembled in church. We bind the spirit of premature death; none of them will be victims of kidnapers or rituals. Our children shall be established in righteousness and great shall be their peace! 2:5, Psalm 121:8


  1. Father, we pray for the grace and maturity for our singles in church to manage their relationships excellently. Give them (me) understanding on how to value one another and the discipline to respect the boundaries of dating as outlined in scriptures. So that our homes and marriages will be built in your Word, as we become positive role models to our world and set the right pace for our children. Heb 13:4, Math 7:24-25.



  1. Father, endow us with uncommon wisdom! Just like you made Solomon wiser than the kings in his time, cause members of GIC to begin to stumble into some divinely inspired ideas, that will move them to higher levels, open our eyes to see opportunities and grant us the courage to grab them on time; problem solving skills that will establish us in financial dominion like Joseph; such that the unbelieves will fear and glorify your name. l Kings 4:30-31, Genesis 21:18-19; 41:28-45


  1. Father, deliver us from things that are capable of choking our growth/breakthrough (springing forth) e.g. the deceitfulness of riches, immorality, unforgiveness, offences & pride. Give us grace to remain rooted in your love and to serve you acceptably so we can lay hold on the incredible blessings in the covenant. Mark 4: 18 – 19, Heb. 12:15– 16, Heb. 12: 28
  1. Father, we bless your holy name for nothing can be hidden from you. Lord, release your fiery angels to hunt and fish out the master minders behind the terrorist groups & insurgency in Nigeria. Let their sponsors and infrastructures be exposed and put to shame! Lord, we declare 2018 as a year of vengeance of our God against every evil person, leader or politician who has held our nation to ransom, shed innocent blood & destroyed valuable properties. 16: 16, Ezekiel 11: 1-2; 4; 13, Isaiah 61: 2


  1. Father, open the understanding of our children to grasp your word & lessons taught in their schools. Like Daniel, cause them to be ten times wiser & smarter than their peers. Impact in them insatiable quest for knowledge as they venture into their life dreams. Let the spirit of wisdom fill our preteens & teenagers so that like David they will be doing exploits wherever they find themselves. Daniel 1:17, Psalm 119:99



  1. Father, we thank you for the capacity you gave us to be a blessing and to acquire several equipment that has made our services better. Your word says that through prosperity your kingdom will spread abroad, therefore send us uncommon wealth. We ask for overflowing resources to be a blessing to people and to advance your kingdom in 2018. Lord, silver & gold belongs to you! Therefore, let none of our task in 2018 suffer delay or financial setback. 7:12, Zech. 1:17



  1. Father, thank you for the power you have given to us to have dominion, the laborer is worthy of his wages, therefore we bind satan and his cohorts from tampering with our harvest as a ministry and individuals, we shut the mouth of the devourer and blessing diverters! Our gates shall continually be opened for the wealth of the land to flow into our bosom, accounts and households! Math 16:19, Mal 3:11
  1. Father, thank you for the prophetic word for 2018. As we journey through 2018 cause the spoken (prophetic) word to manifest into amazing realities; in the life, family, businesses & career of members of GIC. Cause the prophetic word to be validated with amazing manifestations of your power and miracles so that your name will be glorified. II Peter 1:19, ITimothy 1:18


  1. Father, we thank you for our junior church. We pray that you will fill our young ones, children/teenagers with passion for you and the work of your kingdom, that they will grow up spiritually. Lord, keep them from the lusts and corruption of this world,
    1. Cause them to stand as a burning light wherever they find themselves 2 Peter 1:4 , Luke 12:35


  1. Father, one day of your favor is worth more than a thousand years of hard labor. Lord, Show me your favor! Let a new fragrance that will single me out of the crowd rest upon my life from today. I need your favor to sort me out so I don’t labor fruitlessly. Guide me in taking the right step that will lead to multiplication. Gen 24:12, Psalm 102:13-14


  1. Father, as we drive through 2018, we are counting on your wisdom, so that each leader overseeing the ministry task as outlined in the organogram will adequately drive their teams towards accomplishments of the assignment bestowed on them. Give us willingness of the heart & mind so we won’t be working to please man but God! Lord, grant us easy access to the required spiritual and intellectual resource to accomplish our goals for the year. Psalm 108:13, Phil 2:13


  1. Father, we thank you for your great GLORY in our midst. Cause the spirit of unity to flood our souls. Keep each pastor & leader from pride and vanity. We humble ourselves under your mighty hand. Lord, we don’t want to be a hindrance to what you are set to do in GIC this year. Give us grace for sound & effectual leadership within the Areas/friendship centers, units & teams within the church, the church administrations & all the small groups. Psalm 133, I Cor. 4:2
  1. Father, you are mighty in power. We thank you for the buoyant supply of your grace since the beginning of this spiritual exercise. Lord, I don’t want my labor to end in futility, cause me to experience open rewards. Cause my light to breakforth and  Let your  glory be evident in my life so that  people may know that it pays to serve God.  Isaiah 3:10, Isaiah 60:1-3


  1. Father, your word says that the seed of the righteous shall be mighty in the land! Let our children be greater than their parents! let them bring glory to your name, we pray that the upcoming generation will not fail, help us with strategic wisdom as we instill Godly values into them so that they will adequately take their place and exceed expectations! Psalm 112:1-2, Prov 22:6, Gen 18:17-19


  1. Father, we thank you for the riches you have secured for us through Jesus Christ! Therefore we declare that wealth and riches shall be in our houses; we shall lend to nations and not borrow, even the little amongst shall be like a strong nation and a liability, II Cor 8:9 , Psalm 112: 1-2


  1. Father, we thank you for our Snr. Pastors (Pst. Yemi & Bimbo Davids). You are their rock & Strength. We ask for a rich supply of your grace to actualize your assignments this year. Fulfill their deepest desire, even as we embark on the several tasks for the year. Make their hands strong & cause them to stand out by your wisdom. Guide them continually; help them to discern so as to make right decisions that will propel the ministry forward. Isaiah 44:28, Isaiah 42:1-4
  1. Father, we thank you today. Indeed the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. Lord, we are nothing without your grace. We bless and magnify your holy name father. Let there be a fresh release of your anointing upon us today to rise above every life obstacles.  Release your presence upon us afresh and cause the joy of the Holy Spirit to flood our thirsty souls. Psalm 127:1-2, Psalm 92:10


  1. Father, you are the God of multiplication! Show to each and every one of us what we must do to experience your multiplication this year, take away limitations from our minds, cause us to grasp the magnitude of what you intend to do in our lives so we can release our faith adequately, we break away from mediocre thinking, let business and career people in church begin to conceive great visions for enlargement. John 2:5, Isaiah 54:2-3.


  1. Father, give us the capacity to feed not just communities but Nations! We desire to conveniently send relief materials to people in need and help a larger number of the less privileged achieve their dreams. That there will be no more weeping or complaining in our borders! Use us to give the people of our nation a foretaste of the heavenly experience as we assist the government in establishing infrastructural developments. 24:12, Psalm 144:13-15


  1. Father, endow us with the grace to pay the price required for us to experience the fulfillment of the prophetic word for 2018. Help us not to abort your purposes for our lives but to patiently wait on you & diligently commit ourselves to doing what is required of us to do so that at the end we will have fruits to show! 3: 13 – 14, James 1: 14.


    1. Father, Thank you for the power in your word which is able to build me up into the measure of the fullness of Christ. Your word says to us it is given to understand the mysteries of your kingdom. I pray for better understanding of your word so I can mature and be able to make wise decisions. Acts 20: 32, Luke 8: 10.


    1. Father, your word says when you give peace, no one can make trouble, if not for your mighty hand the enemy would have swallowed us up. We are grateful for your compassion towards our nation despite our mistakes and unrighteous ways. Have mercy on our Nation & restore our dignity & honour as a nation. Psalm 124:1 – 3, Lamentation 3:22


    1. Father, we thank you for the level of influence you gave us as a ministry in 2017. For the several transformations of lives, families and ministries both within & outside Lagos. Thank you for shining your glorious light through our ministry. We bless you, Lord! Isaiah 49:6, II cor 2:14


    1. Father, thank you for your guidance, you will lead me in the way of profits this year. Your thoughts & plans are to give me a future & a hope, therefore, direct me towards the path of that great future you have prepared for me. Cause us to bear incredible fruits! Destiny fruits, marital, business & career fruits. 48: 17 – 19, Jer. 29: 11


    1. Father, Thank you for gifts you have put within me to enable me lay hold on the profits in the land. Cause your anointing to rest on my talents and labours of my hand. I want to experience your favour. The way Daniel was preferred above his counterparts let our business, Jobs, proposals be given preferential treatment.  Prov. 18: 16, Zech. 4: 6, Daniel 6: 3.
  1. Father, create in me an insatiable desire & value for your word! So that I will begin to treasure your word above anything else, grant me the grace & tenacity to study your word tirelessly; I desire to encounter revelations from your word that will revolutionize my life so that my life will bring glory to your name.  Ps. 1: 1-2, Ps. 119: 174, Matt. 4: 4.



  1. Lord, you are the king over nations of the earth. You appoint & dethrone kings, presidents & rulers at will! All power belongs to you & the hearts of all leaders are in your hand. Therefore we pray, influence & direct our president, members of the executives, judiciary & legislative in the right part! Fill their hearts with compassion, wisdom & skill to lead us just like you gave to King David. Establish your counsel & purpose in the government & polity of Nigeria! Psalm 66: 7, Ps. 62: 11, Prov. 21: 1, Ps. 78: 70 – 72.


  1. Father, enlarge our coast this year! we demand the ceaseless flow of multitudes into Global Impact Church at the Goodland. We speak over the residents of Ifako, Oworonshoki, Ogudu, Magodo, Gbagada etc to respond to our invite. Lord, in your favour, Global Impact Church stands as a force to be reckoned with in this city. Isaiah 2:2-3, Zech 2:4


  1. Father, I want to hit it right this time. Lord, you know the state of everyone’s heart & you understand times & seasons, therefore grant me the grace to understand and distinguish between the wrong & right. Guide us as we make destiny decisions, choices of whom to marry for our singles, the business to invest in & career choices so that our lives will be void of stress & struggles. Psalm 112: 5, Is. 58: 11, Ps. 127: 2.


  1. Father, thank you for the fragrance of your favour! The favour of Daniel was as a result of his excellent performance. Lord! Give me the grace to pay the required price for my greatness to emerge this year. Order my steps to the relevant information/ training that will improve the way I do things, help me so that I will be diligent enough to apply the knowledge for the betterment of my life, job/ business. Songs of Solomon 1: 3, Prov. 22: 29; 24: 13-14
  1. Father, the entrance of your word gives light, therefore, I ask that the light of your word would flood my life, let it terminate every traces of darkness in my life, family, business & destiny. I desire to move from glory to glory in my walk with you & bear spiritual fruits.  Psalm 119: 130, John 1: 5, II Cor. 3: 18.



  1. Father, you had your way in the whirlwind & you rule over the raging of the sea. Therefore, we decree your peace over Nigeria! In all the states where trouble or war is brewing; we deploy war faring angels to terrorize the enemies of peace & the Body of Christ, wherever they are within our Nation or abroad! Let them be scattered like chaff before the wind & melt away like wax before the fire! Psalm 89: 9, Nahum 1: 3, Ps. 103: 20, II Kings 6: 16 – 17.


  1. Lord, just like the word of God spread and gained impact in the book of Acts, cause GIC media ministry to be established so that many more people can be reached with the Lord, raise multitudes of partners that will willingly & delightfully give so that more lives can be blessed & transformed! Acts 6:7; 19:20


  1. Father, it was by divine direction that you lead Joseph to Egypt & established him as a prime minister to preserve the posterity of Israel. Lord, I pray! Order my steps to my own destiny helpers,’ people that will provide me with the necessary support to actualize my dreams. Make me also an answer to someone else’s prayers – I desire to be a blessing! Gen. 45: 7, Prov. 27: 17.


  1. Father, your word says a house is built by wisdom. Give me the adequate wisdom to build & establish my life, business/ job. Deliver me from fruitless ventures this year. Cause me to intelligently coordinate & properly manage the resources within my disposal. I receive the wisdom to multiplying the little into greatness! Prov. 24: 3 – 5, Eccl. 10: 15, Matt. 25: 20.
  1. Father, thank you for your great helps that has brought us this far. For without you I can do nothing. I desire your touch upon my life. Just like Jesus was transfigured in the place of prayer, let the glory of your presence saturate, energize and overshadow my life. Psalm 108:13, mark 9:2


  1. Father, energize & revitalize my spirit man through your word. Take away spiritual dullness and insensitivity from me! Give my grace to overcome spiritual slothfulness, increase my spiritual output as I study your word so that my relationship with you will get better and in turn be a blessing to others as we altogether aim for perfection in Christ. Eph. 3: 14 – 19, Romans 12: 11.


  1. Father, as the preparation for the 2019 election begins, we invite you to influence and dominate the entire process. Appoint your own choice leader! We dream of a country where peace, prosperity & love will prevail. Help our nation Lord! Deliver us from evil politicians, frustrate their wicked agenda! We deploy the angels of God to hijack every plot and infrastructure they are putting together to carry out their wicked and selfish agenda. We plead the blood of Jesus over the entire states in Nigeria. Prov. 3: 5, Is. 46: 10, Ps. 144: 11, Is. 8: 9 – 10.


  1. Father, thank you for continually defending the Body of Christ in Nigeria, you have stood by us particularly our brothers & sisters in the North. If you had not been on our side the enemies of the gospel would have swallowed us up at once – but thank you for disappointing their evil intentions. Psalm 46:1, II Cor 13:8




  1. Father, let your Word go forth with fresh anointing and Impact in our mid-week centres, Sunday services & all special programs lined up in the year, in all our meetings & ministry expressions (Maryland, USA, & TLR), cause your word to have pre-eminence and validated with signs & wonders, healings & diverse restorations. As you send your word cause it to rest on faith-filled & yielded hearts so that it will produce the required results in our lives. Hebrews 4:12, Mark 16:17
  1. Father, I bless and exalt your name for another remarkable day! Thank you for the help of the HOLY SPIRIT. Cause me to evolve from the level where I am now to a higher level in my spiritual life – clothe me with meekness so that I can accept corrections & instructions that will make me wiser and emerge into a spiritual giant, to subdue the powers of darkness & then fulfill your assignment for me on earth. Gal. 4: 1, Ps. 25: 9, Joel 2: 1 – 11. 


  1. Father, cause the Body of Christ in Nigeria to wax stronger and stronger, endow us with confidence & boldness that cannot be intimidated, that with all audacity and boldness we will relentlessly preach and uphold the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ; so that the Body of Christ will keep multiplying its disciples & influence in Nigeria. II Samuel 3:1, Acts 4:31, Philippians 1:28



  1. Father, thank you for the distinguishing factor that your favor brings! Let your favor encompass us in 2018. Take away every reproach amidst our lives & replace it with the fragrance of your beauty – no one can curse whom you have blessed. Therefore, by the power of the covenant we declare that we are favored in 2018, where others are turned down, we shall be accepted! Psalm 5:12, Isaiah 61:7


  1. Lord, you are an excellent God! Your creation & works are beautiful & excellent! Father, let that same Spirit of excellence find full expression in all our ministry assignments this year! As we drive the media project, the transportation systems, the Areas, the Global Impact institute, all teams & the junior church; let it be driven by quality minds & excellent approach so that your people will have great experience coming to fellowship at the Goodland & our various midweek center. I Kings 10:1-9, Daniel 6:3


  1. Father, give me a heart that is receptive to your directions. I want to hear you clearly as you speak to me. Because your sheep hear your voice. Grant me grace to follow the leading of your spirit so that I will experience my own supernatural turnaround this year. I Kings  1: 10, Prov. 23: 12, Is. 30: 21.
  1. Father, cause your hedge of fire to continue to surround the ministers of the gospel in Nigeria & their ministries (particularly our spiritual fathers in the faith) keep them from falsehood and traps of the enemy and help them guard their family & ministry affairs with discretion so that the name Christ will not be blasphemed. Job 1;9-10, I Timothy 3:4


  1. Father, honor every kingdom steward (workers) in GIC. Everyone who has labored in previous years, gave cash seeds, their time & resources. Lord, rise and settle them so that they will be encouraged & know that you are indeed a rewarder of them that diligently seek you. Exodus 23:25, I Tim. 5:18


  1. Father, we ask for your helps & favor in all our ministry operations this year! Our outreaches, community Impact, mid-week centers and the different expressions of our church (the Maryland church, USA & TLR) cause your glory to overshadow all our projects as we excellently take steps towards accomplishment this year. Psalm 60:11-12, Mark 16:20


  1. Father, we do away with every disorderly lifestyle amongst the leaders of GIC; prune us! Help us to place high premium on discipline, time, planning & excellence so that we can raise a generation of people with great standards capable of moving the ministry to a higher dimension. John 15:2, I Cor 14:40
  1. Father, thank you for the supernatural vitality to continue till this day. We thank and bless your holy name. You have done great things for us. .therefore we rejoice and we are glad! Lord, cause your glorious voice to be heard! Calm every storm, let difficult situations bow as we proclaim and magnify your great name today. Joel 2:21, psalm 29., psalm 114:1-8


  1. Father, we thank you for the federal republic of Nigeria! You have been for us a shelter from the rain. Lord, we need you more than ever to intervene on the challenges of our nation. By your wisdom and power overturn and reverse the repeated issues in the leadership of Nigeria. Help us to overcome long standing issues in the power, health and educational sector. Let the yoke of political slavery over our nation and our people be broken forever! . Isaiah 10:25; 27, job 28:9,


  1. Father, you are the Lord and you cannot change. Therefore, the way you raised up Gideon, Joshua, Caleb, Esther and king David to be a blessing to your people, cause such men and women with tested character to begin to emerge from the body of Christ, particularly in GIC, to lead and rewrite the history of Nigeria for good. Cause them to stand out in the health, education and all vital sectors of our government. Psalm 89:20-21, Isaiah 61:3-4



  1. Father, let there be a massive revival in all ministries of Jesus Christ in Nigeria beginning with Global Impact Church. Let this move of your Spirit be validated by massive soul winning, restoration of broken relationship with God, transformation of lives, healings and prosperity – on the other hand cause every false prophet & deceiver amongst us to be exposed & put to shame! Acts 4:33, Joel 2:28-30


Psalm. 105:5, Prov. 28:13, I pet. 2:1-2, I Tim. 2:1-2, Isaiah 3:10

  1. Father, we will not forget the operations of your hands & the wonders of your might in making us experience a fruitful 2017. For the numerous testimonies of fruitfulness, healing, promotions and enlargements we thank you!


  1. Father, your word says, he that covers his transgressions will not prosper. Lord, we acknowledge our wrongs and mistakes, we plead for your mercy! For if you shall regard iniquity no one can stand! Forgive & cleanse us by your blood, Lord Jesus!



  1. Father, stir up within us an insatiable hunger for your word & your presence. Open the eyes of my understanding to know you like I should, give me a personal revelation of Jesus Christ, so that I will not be blown away by any wind of doctrine.


  1. Father, we are deeply grateful for the tranquility you have given to our dear Nation (Nigeria) despite all the challenges we have faced in years past. We want to appreciate you for our leaders because no one can take the position of leadership without your consent. We thank you because you are the only wise God and you are working out all things together for our good.


  1. Father, we thank you for the new jobs & businesses that emerged in GIC in 2017. Let none of us labor in vain in 2018! Give us wisdom to administrate & coordinate our businesses & to follow your divine direction so that we will keep prospering even in the midst of economic uncertainties. Open our eyes to see & to understand the trend & to intelligently make decisions that will secure the future of our jobs and businesses.

Psalm 107:15, II Tim 2:19-21, Eph. 1:17-19, Prov. 24:3, Gen 26:22

  1. Father, we thank you for a glorious transition into 2018! Indeed the race is not to the swift and by strength shall no one prevail. Thank you for your mercies that prevailed over judgment, even in the areas where we were unfaithful, you showed us kindness, we give you praise Lord!


  1. Lord, grant me grace to walk in the right path. I renounce every unrighteous way, act or thought! I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over my life & I willingly surrender and yield my soul to You and Your eternal purpose


  1. Father, I break away from every spiritual dullness or blindness! Everything hindering my spiritual growth & development, be it a wrong association, negative habits, evil patterns or generational barriers, I declare them broken by the blood of Jesus. From today I begin to make spiritual progress! I receive grace to commit to the demands for my spiritual growth!


  1. Father, we make a demand for your outstanding wisdom for our President, his assistant & the entire Presidential cabinet in executing the projects & plans for 2018 in Nigeria even as we look forward to the election in 2019, Lord let your will prevail over Nigeria. We tear down every evil agenda & evil infrastructure intended to thwart the peace of our Nation. We raise a spiritual standard to resist every flood of violence, terrorism & kidnapping and we declare that 2018 is a peaceful year for Nigeria.


  1. Father, your word says the increase of the field is for all. Therefore, we ask for new jobs appointments & employment opportunities for all that desire such in GIC. Endow us with the intellectual & financial capacity to set up new business ventures; business that will thrive and & outlive So that we can give our children the best education & upbringing

Psalm. 16:11, Math. 3:11-12, Eph.3:14-17, Prov. 14:34, Prov. 8:12

  1. Father, thank you for the strength and grace to engage in this spiritual exercise today. Thank you for the unending flow of joy and pleasures in your presence and I praise you for the awesome benefits I will experience in this season of waiting on you.


  1. Father, give me a new beginning! Deliver me from the consequence of my negative past. Make me whole in my body, soul & spirit, cause your fire to consume every deposit of darkness in me, I receive spiritual renewal & restoration of intimate relationship with you


  1. Father, send us a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit; so that we will begin to understand the things you have made available to us in Christ. Clothe us with the spirit of meekness to receive the engrafted word of God, either coming from the pulpit or whoever you will be sending to us.


  1. Father, we bind the spirit of corruption, greed selfishness amongst our leaders, we subdue occult influences & manipulations among the politicians within the different levels of government in Lord, cause righteousness, justice & equity to dominate the house of assembly, the judiciary & legislatures so much that no evil policy will prosper or thrive within the policy of our government.


  1. Father, cause inventors to rise from GIC! Great entrepreneurs & giants of industries so that massive jobs will be created for the people of the state. Men & women that will bring glory to your name as they uphold the principles of the covenant in the market place & refusing to compromise their faith; so that your name will be respected & glorified among the unbelievers.

Prov. 4:18, James 1:5;21, psalm 107:21, I Peter 3:1-8, Psalm 144:12, Psalm 92:1-2:10

  1. Father, thank you for increased strength and capacity today. Thank you for my path that is shining brighter and brighter. Just like your hand came upon Prophet Elijah, I thank you because your hand will rest upon my life to gain speed in all my endeavors this year.



  1. Father, we thank you because you are the giver of wisdom! Let foolishness be far from us in 2018. Create in our hearts a high sense of value for wisdom & understanding so that we will enjoy a life of ease. Grant us wisdom in our relationships, marriages, jobs, businesses and all we do – Lord, cause your wisdom to flow like a ceaseless fountain in our soul.



  1. Father, we thank you for our couples and every family represented in GIC. We thank you for your interventions in our families; for the peace & restoration you brought into our homes, enabling couples to understand and value each other better.



  1. Father, your word says a house that is divided against itself cannot stand; therefore we ask that the spirit of UNITY will prevail among our couples. So that Satan will not take advantage of us to attack our homes. That our men will begin to mature and lead their household on the path of righteousness and that our women will be like polished stones (having sound attitude) after the similitude of the palace so that our children can be raised in the fear of the Lord


  1. Father, we thank you for your protection all through the year 2017. You have been our defense and refuge from the violence & uncertainties in our nation. Lord, cause your wall of fire to continue to surround us even as we journey through the year 2018. We declare that no evil shall befall any member of GIC or any plague come near our dwelling place.

Psalm 118:16, James 1:21, prov. 13:20, Psalm 125:3, Job 5:12

  1. Father, when you stretch out your hands tremendous things happen. We thank you for your mighty hands that does valiantly. Thank you for the so many victories we will record this year in our ministry, families, business and career. We bless you Lord.


  1. Father, take away from us (me) undue familiarity towards your word and the teaching from our P Cloth me with meekness to receive corrections & wise counsel. I resist the spirit of pride and arrogance. I don’t want the pain of regret; I don’t want to repeat the mistakes of 2017. I yield myself to your words! Lord, endow me with your wisdom!


  1. Father, whatever association that any of our men or women are involved with that is hurtful to their marriage, we declare them broken today! Every evil counsel or negative patterns tearing our homes apart is hereby rendered null & void. Cause a new wave of restoration to arise in our homes. We declare the restoration of any of our children that have drifted away from the right path.


  1. Father, we declare that you are our refuge and fortress in 2018. No one will succeed in harming us. We are kept from kidnappers, ritualist and all forms of violence and terror. The blood of Jesus continues to speak over us and all that belongs to us and any appointment with death is hereby nullified.

Isaiah 43:18-21, Isaiah 60:22, Prov. 2:1-7; 1: 20-23, Psalm 32:8, Acts 1:24, Isaiah 61:3

  1. Father, thank you for the covenant of blessings. We are grateful for the new things you are set to do in our lives this year. We praise you because even the little amongst us shall spring forth and operate like a nation.


  1. Father, guide me into the required spiritual and intellectual resources I need to better my life (the right books & people). Keep me from falsehood and vain associations. Order my steps to the life coaches & mentors that will move me to the next level. Give me the discernment to identify them & the discretion to do away with the wrong associations.


  1. Father, thank you for accepting to guide me into profits & success. I believe you have prepared a place for my absolute comfort. Guide me into that place! Give me the ears that hear, the eyes that sees and the heart that perceives. So that I will experience your peace even in the midst of the storm in 2018.


  1. Father, order the steps of Global Impact Ministry. To focus on the right programs and events we need to organize in the year 2018. Lord, we present all our plans for the year to you, lead us in the path of peace and productivity. Teach us, correct us and guide us so that our light will break forth like the morning to the glory of your name.


  1. Father, bring healing to the hurting men & women in GIC. For those hurting or suffering emotionally, Lord, you are the balm in Gilead – restore full health, confidence & hope to them. We bind the spirit of depression & suicidal thoughts amongst our couples, singles & young ones

Eph. 3:14-15, I Cor. 15:10, Prov. 16:25, Isaiah 58:11, Math .16:18, Psalm 34:7

  1. Father, we thank you for how far you have brought us in this prayer exercise. Lord, in you all families in heaven and earth are named. Thank you because every family in GIC is under your watchful eyes and your purposes and plans for us will find fulfilment this year.


  1. Father, grant me the grace to pay the required price in the acquisition of the wisdom I need. The trainings, the disciplines, the tenacity I need to develop myself, help me to fully commit to them. Help me not to lose sight or focus of the great destiny you have earmarked for me to accomplish. Like Joseph, help me to rewrite the history of my family & to break generational records!


  1. Father, guide us as we appoint new leaders & teams in church. Lord, you know the heart of every one, help us not to appoint people that will hinder your work, but rather move it to the next level of Impact and accomplishment.


  1. Father, we want to experience your pleasures not pressures. Order the steps of our single men & women as they make marital choices & decisions, our couples as they make decisions for their families, order the steps of our business & career people to make wise decisions – Lord, you know the end from the beginning, lead us in the path of peace so that we will record satisfactory progress as we journey through 2018!


  1. Father, the Body of Christ continues to advance in Nigeria; particularly in all northern states in Nigeria. We frustrate the evil agenda of the enemy to terrorize or attack the Body of Christ in this nation. We declare peace all across the states in Nigeria – everyone that have vowed to destroy lives particularly in the 2019 general elections will fall by their own sword & be drunken with their own blood.
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We cater to the spiritual needs of children who are no longer “children ” and not yet teenagers. Teaching them the Bible in ways that are applicable to their present age group.
For more information, email - preteens@globalimpactng.org

The GIC MEDICAL TEAM comprises of medical and paramedical personnel of the church including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other relevant fields involved in health care.
For more information, email - info@globalimpactng.org

The vision of The Praise Gang is to raise TRUE WORSHIPPERS in and around the four walls of the church. We are passionate about worship, and embrace the values and impact that it contributes to God’s kingdom.
For more information, email - praisegang@globalimpactng.org

Sanctuary Keepers is a department focused on cleaning and ensuring Global Impact Church is conducive for service and programmes at all times. The cleaning of the facility occurs on Saturdays and quality checks are carried out on Sundays during/ in-between services.
For more information, email - sanctuarykeepersteam@globalimpactng.org

The emergency response team is saddled with the responsibility of providing preventive safety measures, carrying out safety audit and training where required, carry out emergency response and provide support to ministry groups in Global Impact Church premises.
For more information, email - emergencyresponseteam@globalimpactng.org

Traffic Unit also known as Grand Marshall is the service unit of Global Impact Church responsible for the smooth flow of vehicular traffic within the GIC Campus and other facilities, and adjacent roads.
For more information, email - trafficteam@globalimpactng.org

The Powerhouse team is the praying arm of Global Impact Church. We believe the coming together of believers multiply the effect of their individual prayers.
For more information, email - powerhouse@globalimpactng.org


THE PLACE is a fun, God learning and faith development church for teens between the ages of 14-19. THE PLACE interacts with teens on every and any topic in a relaxed and personal level bringing God’s perspective on all things relating to teens through the bible in a refreshing and practical way.
For more information, email - teens@globalimpactng.org

221, Mount Olimpus, Rheasilvia, Mars,
Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy
+1 (999) 999-99-99
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The Business and Career group is an arm of Global Impact Church set up to empower entrepreneurs and career focused individuals in the church on recognising their gifts and the potentials that God has deposited in them, developing those potentials and apply them effectively in their daily business or career endeavours.
For more information, email - bizandcareergroup@globalimpactng.org

Business & Career Group

We are Christ-like minds with a goal to make a difference; by creating awareness and building human capacity to fill the gaps and mend the brokenness in our political space.
For more information, email - goodgovernancegroup@globalimpactng.org

Good Governance Group

GIC Singles Network

A strong community of individuals from ages 20 and above who are committed to making the best of their life and maximising their single hood. We represent over 40% of adults in church hence we’re too large to ignore and too valuable to waste.
For more information, email - singlenetwork@globalimpactng.org

Fruitful Vines

We are here by God’s grace to join our voices in prayers, worship and thanksgiving for every woman trusting God for the fruit of the womb. We believe in Exodus 23:26 “no one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren…” and we are confident that God is faithful to perform His words.
For more information, email - fruitfulvines@globalimpactng.org

Couples Fellowship

  1. Love Bird (0-3 Years in Marriage) Coordinator: Pastor & Mrs Seyi Alaigbe
  2. RUBY (4 -10 Year in Marriage) Coordinator: Mr & Mrs  Olanikpekun
  3. EMERALD: (11- 20 Years in Marriage) Coordinator : Mr & Mrs John Oseyili
  4. CLASSIC (20 Years and above) Coordinator: Pastor Dambo
For more information, email - couplesfellowship@globalimpactng.org

Joyful Mums

Joyful Mums is a group for the pregnant and nursing mothers. The group pray and educate pregnant and nursing mothers on the issues relating to childbearing.
For more information, email - joyfulmums@globalimpactng.org

Sports provides a common ground that cuts across culture, class, age group and language barrier to build friendship and relationship.
Sports outreach programs include; Competitions, Aerobics and Big screen Centre. Competitions e.g, Football, basket ball, Table Tennis, Teen and Family games, GIC worker’s game, e.t.c. Aerobics exercise daily or weekly helps keep the body fit.
For more information, email - sportgroup@globalimpactng.org

Sports Group

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Thursdays - 6:30 PM | Sundays - 7:00 AM, 8:30 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM


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Service Time
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